Redskins Unveil Throwback Uniforms For 2012

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This afternoon, the Washington Redskins unveiled a tribute to the past with a pinch of modernity in their new uniforms that are set to be worn twice at FedEx Field this season in conjunction with their 80th Anniversary. In what is supposed to replicate their 1937 uniforms, the Redskins put a twist on what was used during the 1994 season.

Originally displayed in the team’s new practice bubble by Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan, fans didn’t get a great idea of the color involved until they walked out into the sunlight at Redskins Park.

Screenshot taken by Jake Russell

Screenshot taken by Jake Russell

The biggest modern edge to the uniforms, aside from the uniform fabric and technology, is the amount of detail put in to making the helmets replicate the leather helmets worn during the early years of the sport.

Image by Sky Kerstein.

Nike also did a good job of replicating the Redskins old Indian head patch from the 1930’s as well. You also get a better idea of the color with this photo.

Image by Sky Kerstein.

Here are better views of the full uniform in the light.

Image by Dan Steinberg.

Image by Dan Steinberg.

Also, in a new tradition for the NFL, Nike is inscribing inspiration quotes for teams to stitch inside the back of their collar. The Redskins 80th Anniversary alternates read “Team, Effort, Tradition”.

Image provided by the Redskins.

To put into context of how they compare to the 1994 throwbacks, here is a photo of Tre’ Johnson at R.F.K. Stadium during the NFL’s 75th Anniversary season:

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