Arbitration Rejected

Washington Commanders

Looks like all those Redskins fans that were counting on an extra eighteen million in cap next year, are going to have to go suck on a great big lemon. Jeff Darlington of tweeted today that the arbitrator granted the NFL’s motion to dismiss the challenge filed by Redskins & Cowboys on the salary cap situation.

The Redskins have been pretty mum about the whole situation from day one, but if their legal options are now exhausted, this could still take an ugly press relations turn. Don’t be surprised to see Bruce Allen or even Dan Snyder start throwing a few press bombs in the not too distant future.

It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that logic and reasoning seem to have been defied completely in this arbitration ruling; one would have to ignore the previous collusion and back-hanedness that has already gone on, to reach such the optimistic conclusion that this wouldn’t happen.

In the end, it looks like Giants owner John Mara gets to hand-strap two of the other three teams in his division, De Smith gets voted back in by the NFLPA, and Roger Goodell gets to steer just clear enough to put on his best, “What?” face. Amazing what three stooges can do when they put their minds to it.

I really don’t understand how BOTH the players and the owners don’t look at all that has transpired and think:

“Wow. We have a legally binding collective bargaining agreement that doesn’t appear to be worth any more than the paper it’s printed on. ”


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