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When Robert Griffin III was drafted in April, I needed to come up with something different for my avatar/twitcon. I had been rocking the RGIII Composite Draft picture up until the draft, but obviously that wasn’t quite as cutting edge once there actually were photos of Griffin being drafted. So I came up with doing a Close Encounters of the Third Kind avi.

Many people asked me if I was going to be doing up a wallpaper in the same style, so it’s finally here!!

It isn’t because it was hard to turn it into a wallpaper, that it took me so long – it was just because I am lazy. Well, that and I selfishly wanted to use the twitcon for a while first.

Without further ado… here are widescreen versions of the wallpaper for your (hopeful) enjoyment. Just click on the link to download the zip file, and then unzip the file to somewhere on our desktop.

RGIII wallpaper

1280×800 Widescreen RGIII Wallpaper

1280×768 Widescreen RGIII Wallpaper

If you enjoy and use the wallpaper, don’t be shy!! Drop me a line on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet or leave a comment here. Hit the Like button too! Thanks.


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2 thoughts on “RGIII Wallpaper

  1. Smooth pic, especially with symbol camouflaged in the planet. Except I would’ve made. The blue Burgundy. And the planet gold

  2. Smooth pic. Would look better if RG3 and the rest of the blue part of the pic was Burgundy the redskin moon was gold colored.

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