Griffin Just Has ‘It’

Washington Commanders

Did you catch the nice blog on about Robert Griffin III shooting a Subway commercial in Texas?

I joke, but I’m just not really sure why the piece led with that tidbit, when the title and crux of an otherwise good piece, is that a bunch of Redskins are heading down to Texas for a friendly game of pass and catch with their rookie quarterback.

Griffin said, “I’m going to go back and work out with some of my teammates who are coming into town with me to Waco. So, it’ll be a busy time, but I’m gearing up for this long year that I know it’s going to be in the NFL with the long season and the type of grind I have to be ready to go through.”

Listed as joining RGIII in Texas are Santana Moss, Pierre Garcon, Anthony Armstrong, Aldrick Robinson, Fred Davis, Brandon Banks and ‘others.’

Pretty much everybody that’s 100% healthy.

The young man from Baylor hasn’t even signed a contract yet, and the veterans are not only putting in extra time with him, they’re willing to go and see him to do so. I think that speaks volumes about the moxie and character that the Redskins new quarterback exudes. Rookies are subjected to weeks and weeks of various initiation activities, and spend a good deal of their first season (if not more) just trying to earn the respect of their peers. While I’m sure that Griffin will still see a very public hazing or two at training camp, he obviously already has the attention of his teammates.

Of course, Griffin calmly downplays all of it, “Shockingly, I convinced them to come to Waco, Texas, because not everybody wants to do that. I think next year we’ll do it somewhere more flashy, more vacation-like. Miami or Los Angeles, because I won’t have an apartment in Waco to move out of. But those guys made the sacrifice to come down and see me. So, it’s great that we’re already starting off on the right foot.”

“All those guys are coming down to throw. For those guys to show that they’re willing to come to Waco, Texas to workout with me lets me know they believe in me.”

It would seem that the Washington Redskins fans are not the only ones in D.C. that are excited about the upcoming 2012 season – the players are pretty excited too.

The kid just has it.


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