Dez Bryant Endorsement Deal?

Washington Commanders

Let’s face it, there’s something just a little bit metallic sounding, about even having to say something like, “Dez Bryant slapped his mother?”

I’ve heard every ridiculous rationalization from, “Maybe he didn’t hit her that hard,” to “Maybe she deserved it,” to “You’re just hoping that it’s true so Bryant doesn’t burn you on the field next year.”


Well I took what everybody said into consideration, and started to re-formulate my thoughts. I try to be a positive person. I try to have good energy. I wanted to make this horrible Dez Bryant story a little more palatable to me.

The only thing I came up with is that he has perhaps opened the door to some new endorsement possibilities.

Like for The Slapper.

Dez Bryant - The Slapper

Anybody that lays a hand on his mother doesn’t get any kind of reprieve, grace or tolerance from me. I’m sure most of Redskins Nation feels the same.

I don’t care what the full story ends up shaking out like – Dez Bryant, you’re a piece of garbage.

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