Going To Training Camp?

Washington Commanders

Well Redskins fans, after following along at all of last week’s practices last week thanks to some great Training Camp tweet updates from our own Jake Russell, I have to admit that I am a little down about missing out on practices this week. So can Redskins Nation help me out?

I want Redskins fans to send me their photos from camp. Send me some action shots, or your favorite players on the sidelines drinking water, or players signing autographs after practice, or even of you and your friends huddled together doing crazy things at Redskins Park – whatever you want really.

To make things really easy, you can always just post a few of your favorite pics on our Facebook wall.

If you prefer to email the photos, send them here with the subject “2012 Camp Pics” – but please limit it to 3 photos per e-mail so that our mail servers aren’t choking. Feel free to send more than one e-mail though. Please include your name and where you live, or whatever you feel comfortable leaving for me to properly accredit the photos. I want to make sure you get proper credit, and I’d love your twitter handle if you have one, so that we can tweet out additional thanks for taking the time to help me out.

I will likely use some of these photos daily to create some blogs and make sure that Redskins Nation gets to see your work!!!

Maybe at the end of camp, we’ll have a little contest and choose a couple of our favorite photos.

Don’t be shy. You’re helping a very geographically challenged Redskins fan.

Additionally, Jake was kind enough to include the hashtag #THNTC in all of his camp update tweets, so that we could search on the hashtag, or just follow it. If you’re at camp watching practice and tweet out an observation, please consider using the hashtag for us. I will set up a spot on the site today that will show all the tweets that include this hashtag. Check back later for info on where on the site to view these tweets.

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