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Training Camp Pics

By Mark Solway | August 3rd, 2012

Earlier in the week, we asked our fellow THNers to please send us in some of their photos if they went to training camp this week.

Here are some great photos that we received from Mozelle Meyers, @Sportsgal5_2000 on Twitter, and a die hard Washington Redskins fan:



RGIII throws

RGIII gunning one right at ya!

Leonard Hankerson

Hank Time!



Kerrigan / Polumbus

Ryan Kerrigan and Tyler Polumbus continue the battle


Jarvis Jenkins will make a good defensive line even better in 2012

RGIII on the run

Can't have too many of this guy...

Chris Baker

Chris Baker continues to impress early in camp

Cousins and Paul

Kirk Cousins and Niles Paul

Chris Wilson

Good to see Chris Wilson back in the B&G!


James Lee and Adam Carriker

Markus White

Markus White

There are over 150 photos in her Shutterfly album, so just click here to go and see the rest of the great pics. It’s just like being there!! I also want to thank Rodge (@monkeyhouserock) for helping me pick and grab some of the best ones.

Thanks for sending them in to us Mozelle – Hail to you sister!

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