Cheap Seats: It’s getting closer…

Washington Commanders

It’s getting closer with every breath we take.  With every article we read, or interview we hear.  Every day it grows stronger in more than thirty locations around the nation.  It’s almost palpable.  Like a living breathing entity that needs time to grow and take shape, it has times of frustration and times of excitement, albeit in small amounts.  To some, it’s like the Loch Ness Monster in that it isn’t even a real thing.  To others, it’s as real as life itself.

Football season.

We are less than a month away from real football filling our weekends and Monday nights.  If college ball is your thing, they will provide you games on the nights that you can’t find NFL action on television.  And let’s not forget about the lights that burn brightly on Friday night for the high school teams.

It is a fantastic time of year.  In my opinion, this part of the calendar rivals the excitement that seeing jolly old Saint Nick ride through New York City on Thanksgiving Day brings to so many homes.  (And it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than Christmas!)

For fans of the Redskins, for the first time in a long time, we have reason to be excited heading into the season.  That isn’t to put even more pressure on Robert Griffin III, but since his name was called by Roger Goodell in April, fans of the burgundy and gold have been anxiously waiting to see him on the field.

That comes in Buffalo.  Perhaps never before has a preseason game been looked forward to more than the one that kicks off in up-state New York.  Think about that for a second, in a game that will have guys who will be unloading trucks or putting roofs on houses after their shot at the NFL ends in the coming weeks, the future of our beleaguered franchise will line up under center for his first NFL action.

Suddenly, I am sick to my stomach.

Enjoy it my friends, it’s the time of the year that we all have Super Bowl aspirations and we are all undefeated.  I don’t know if this will be our year or not but what I do know is that football season is so close that I can taste it.  Almost feel the crowd and by all means, I can hear the symphony of violence that starts with the movement of the ball and ends with a whistle.  That is a sound that rings in my mind like a favorite song that triggers memories that time will never erase.

I love football…

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