RGIII Everywhere

Washington Commanders

RGIII is everywhere.

NFL.com is running a story titled, “RG3 and Redskins top NFL watchability power rankings.” It seems strange, considering that in the actual content of the article itself, the only mention of Griffin is, “Quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III make mediocre squads fascinating. I want to be there from the beginning with their careers.”

It seems almost gratuitous to make the Redskins and Griffin the subject of the story’s title, when other than Washington being in a list of “Must Watch” teams, the only other mention of them is to call them a “mediocre squad.”

Nowhere did I see any type of actual rankings, so I’m not sure what the headline is even referring to; I couldn’t find a link either.

And yet the front page of NFL.com has a picture of RGIII with a link to “Watchability Rankings”:

RG3 on NFL.com front page

When you click on the link it takes you to all of their headlines, that even further teases the Redskins and RGIII with this:

RG3 blurb

But nothing in the article other than what’s mentioned above.

So is the title accurate? Is there a list? Gregg Rosenthal’s article seemed very tongue in cheek, so I figured the list was too, but let me know on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet if you find one.

Otherwise, I’ll just presume that even NFL.com is capitalizing on the growing phenomenon of the Redskins franchise quarterback.

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