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The Redskins have released Billy Cundiff after just five games, because well, did you watch him? It’s an amazing statement that in the sea of poop that is the Redskins kicking situation the last 20 years – Cundiff is just another that failed to shine.

The Redskins have signed a new kicker, and I have just received an exclusive photo to share with you all:

New kicker

Special teams ace Lorenzo Alexander will draw the unenviable task of having to pull the string. (Seriously, how ironic is it, that the toy is burgundy and gold?)

Alright, alright… that isn’t really the Redskins new kicker.

Kai Forbath is the Redskins new kicker – young lad from UCLA who was with Dallas in 2011 before getting hurt, and Tampa Bay in the 2012 preseason (where he went 5-for-5) before getting cut.

Could he be worse than Billy Cundiff?

The Redskins also announced that they have re-printed their comprehensive list of available kickers, and will throw another dart at the piece of paper, if Forbath doesn’t work out.

I will now remove my tongue from my cheek.

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