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Carriker No Welch

By Mark Solway | October 11th, 2012

welsh or welch  (w?l?)
— vb  (often foll by on )
1. to fail to pay a gambling debt
2. to fail to fulfil an obligation

Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker had wrestler Goldberg on his 4th and Pain show before the game against the Falcons, and the two of them made a bet:

Goldberg, an ardent Falcons fan, would wear a Redskins jersey if Washington beat Atlanta. Carriker subsequently agreed that if the Falcons beat the Redskins, that he would don Goldberg’s full wrestling garb, including speedo, as his ‘punishment.’

We all know how the game turned out, a 24-17 Atlanta victory, and Carriker was left holding the wrestling bag. A man of his word, Carriker fulfilled his part of the deal, and even TMZ picked up on it. Here he is, in his full wrestling regalia:

Carriker on TMZ

Photo by TMZ

So hey Aaron Rodgers, if you’re paying attention, this is what MEN do. They don’t welch on bets. After all, a welch is not much better than a stoolie. Maybe we can arrange for a friendly little Carriker Jackhammer of Mr. Rodgers on 4th and Pain…

… but Adam Carriker – he ain’t no welch.

He’s a man… in tights.

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