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Next week a brand new show will be starting up for Redskins Nation – one that promises to be a ton of fun. Some of you may remember that last year I was a regular on Brian Mitchell’s ‘Tailgate Show’ – a show that featured us regular Joe Redskins fans talking with Redskins players, and of course with Brian.

Brian has his thumb in a lot of pies this season, so the show’s producer Matt DeNapoli wanted to come up with something equally cool for Redskins fans, and that would allow Brian to still participate when available.

After jumping through some hoops, it is now official – they will be doing a new show called ‘1st and Goal’ with the Redskins starting fullback Darrel Young!

If you don’t know Young’s story, you should – it’s a tale of fortitude and sticktuitiveness. The Redskins signed him as an unrestricted free agent in 2009, a linebacker out of Villanova. He didn’t make the 53-man roster, but did show enough that the Redskins signed him to their practice squad. In 2010, Washington signed him to a futures contract, and when he reported to camp in the spring, Mike Shanahan informed him that he was now a fullback. It wasn’t a complete shot in the dark as Young played running back in high school, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise when Young caught on in 2010 as the back-up fullback. In 2011, he became the starter, and has been entrenched there ever since.

Young was on Brian’s show several times last year, and proved to be a very astute young man. He’s a very educated Redskins fan as well as player, and coupled with his laid back style, and the interaction with the fans – it promises to be a great show. The same inside access for Redskins fans as last year’s show, but with a couple of new faces.

Wait… it gets better…

They’re doing the show at Hooters!!!

That’s right ‘1st and Goal With Darrel Young’ will be coming to you every Monday night from Hooters in Rockville, Maryland. Well actually the first show, next week’s show, will be on Tuesday, but every show thereafter will be on Monday Night. That means beers and wings with your Redskins brothers and sisters while watching a great interactive Redskins show, and then maybe even hanging around for some Monday Night Football. It promises to be a great way to spend your Mondays if you’re anywhere near Rockville.

The show will run from 7pm to 8:30pm, and will not only feature Darrel Young and cameos from Brian Mitchell, but also appearances from various Redskins players, as well as local media, and of course having actual Redskins fans involved in the show as well. I will be Skype-ing in (from Canada) every week to provide my ‘unique’ thoughts and color, so that alone is usually good for a laugh – wether at me or with me. Andre Mitchell from HTTR-24/7 will be on set every week too. Other fans will joining us, as well as call-ins and tie-ins right there at Hooters.

*Clears throat, and puts on best Ron Popeil Infomercial Voice*

But wait… there’s more…

You can even get involved! I can’t leak you all of the details yet, but I will post another blog soon about a great contest that the show will be running, that will truly put you front and center! Think you have what it takes? Check back here on Friday or Saturday for more details.

So it looks like the show will be picking up from last year’s ‘Tailgate Show’ and once again providing Redskins fans with a unique player/fan experience, and a level of inside access that the modern football fan is very lucky to have.

The show will be carried on and be broadcast in HD on IPTV AND you can even stream it to your phone live. Awesome technology.

Until then, if you have any questions, you can hit me up here at the blog, or on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet – and you will find Matt @BMitchliveshow .


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