The NFL thinks We are Stupid.

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NFL Statement in support of their temp zebras…   “Officiating is never perfect,” the statement said. “The current officials have made great strides and are performing admirably under unprecedented scrutiny and great pressure. As we do every season, we will work to improve officiating and are confident that the game officials will show continued improvement.” 

This makes if official:  The NFL thinks we are stupid. 

Anyone with the Sunday Ticket who cruised the 1:00 games knows the truth.  Never has officiating been so horrendous.  Never has it been so inconsistent.  Never has it been so incompetent.   These amateurs are pathetic, devoid of consistency, and incapable of making a decision without the occurence of the Zebra Flash Mob at the 30 yard line.  Players studied the tendencies last week… and took full advantage this week… this crop of officials was terrified of taking control of player behavior.  Dead ball aggression was all over.  Cortland Innegan was in thug paradise.  I spelled it right… he got the F slapped off last week (and clearly deserved it)…  Coach Shanahan pointed out that throwing the challenge flag on a non-challengable play is unsportsmanlike conduct…  “uh, yeah… whatever” was apparently the response from the refs.

Consistency?  Morgan gets stupid in response to Innigan… he’s flagged for unsportsmanlike… yup… stupid move on his part… but then, there’s this:  yeah… check it out… if you are a Redskins fan, this will just completely fry your butt… It should disturb ANY football fan.  Yes… the official not only saw it, but “told him to stop”, and then, WATCHED HIM AS HE DID IT AGAIN!!! 

NFL… these refs are not competent.  You know it… we know it. 

Fix it.  You don’t have much time… something very bad will happen… soon… if you don’t.  It may be the overt determination of the victor by referees in multiple games… it may be serious injuries resulting from the refusal (more likely the inability) of the refs to control the game.  Whatever it is, the integrity of the game will be severely damaged, for a long time, if not corrected right now.

We are NOT stupid.  Own it.  The league has screwed up.  Get real refs back into these games.

… and, stop insulting us with these idiotic statements.

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