Bucs Error the 'Skins Gain

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I was baffled… still am… by the firing of Raheem Morris by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is a man who deserved some patience on the part of ownership. This decision will come back to haunt them, some day. He is an extremely competent football mind, whom, I’m confident, will win his share of Super Bowls as a head coach somewhere, some day.

For the time being, he is the Defensive Backs coach for the Redskins. This will be true for, at least, the 2013 season. The Redskins will benefit from the Buccaneer’s folly. I suspect that, sometime after the season, he will be offered another position as D Coord, somewhere… possibly another Head Coach position will come his way… but, for now, he will be making improvements in the weak link of the Redskins defense… the backfield.

Raheem Morris is a Class Act.

The NFL is loaded with egos… this is certainly not news. Raheem Morris knows how to keep his in check, as revealed in an article by Mike Jones of the Washington Post.   Shortly after verbally accepting the offer from the Redskins, he was offered the DC position from the Vikings.  They had interviewed Morris a week before, and had allowed him to leave town without an offer.

When the Vikings first choice (Mel Tucker, of Jacksonville) declined, the Vikes made the offer to Morris. He declined.  He explained “A lot of people might think it’s a missed opportunity not going to Minnesota after they offered, but I believe that in this game, all you have is your word and your tape, and I gave these guys my word, and I wanted to come here and help them this year, and I was going to do it.”

This is a quality man, with tons of integrity and character.  He’s also a very sharp defensive mind, who’s contributions will extend to the whole defense.  I doubt he’s on our coaching roster for more than a year… but, I’m very happy to have him.  This was a quality hire, and  I can’t wait to see the results of his work with our defense.  Welcome to our pig pen, Coach Morris! 


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