Not Crying Over Spilled Milk

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Feel like you’ve been kicked in the groin repeatedly? We all do. It’s never a great feeling when you feel like your team played it’s worst game in the last two months, to end the season. Obviously the story of the game was Robert Griffin III – his injured knee – and the decision to leave him in the game. I can’t believe the vitriol that I have heard spewing from many in #RedskinsNation’s mouth:


“Should have pulled him.”

“Fire that bum Shanahan.”

“This is all Shanny’s fault.”

Are you freaking kidding me, you fickle, fickle, fargin bastiches?

So the guy who’s jock you’ve been riding for the last month, suddenly doesn’t know what he’s doing again? Redskin fans can be some of the biggest knee-jerk reactors – with jerk unfortunately being the operative word sometimes.

Look, I get that you’re frustrated – we all are – but chill out or you’ll make yourself look foolish. I don’t care wether you agree with the decision to leave RGIII in the game or not, how in the aqua blue hell do you reach the conclusion that the guy who architected and helped lead this team to the playoff game you watched… is a no-good coaching bum?

Get used to the fact that you have a quarterback that would just as soon die out on that field, than give up. Your quarterback was seen REPEATEDLY telling Shanahan on the sideline that he was fine to go back in there. Sure the coach is ultimately responsible, but isn’t RGIII at least equally culpable? He could have made a more honest assessment of what he was bringing to his team and realized that not putting forth his absolute best was just not going to be good enough on the day.

But we will never hold HIM responsible right? He’s just a player tryna play right?


Equally culpable.

The other thing that the people who wanted Shanny to pull RGIII don’t talk about is the fact that these are the type of decisions that you have to live with for a lot more than one game. RGIII is the future of this franchise. When he says get on my back and ride, that’s what we’re supposed to do.

It didn’t work out – this time.

To be perfectly clear, I wanted Cousins to come in too. It was obvious that Robert just couldn’t go. But I understood keeping him in the game as well. I could see RGIII pleading with the staff on the sidelines and stating his case for himself – he wouldn’t come out of a game if he was shot in the face at point-blank range.

Hindsight will always be 20/20. It’s easy to make suggestions when you have the benefit of seeing how it worked out before you made the suggestion. Unfortunately, reality mandates that these decisions are made WITHOUT the benefit of foresight. Our franchise, darling quarterback carried an average team to where we are today – or at least we were yesterday – and I’m expected to believe that a decision to take the ball out of his hands should come freely or easily to our coach?

It didn’t, and I’m glad it didn’t. It shows that Shanahan believes in RGIII just as much as I do… even on a gammy leg. I bet that to a man, every guy on that roster wanted to stick with what brought them to the dance – RG3. It didn’t work out. We learned that RGIII is in fact human, and like ALL other NFL players, can’t expect to do what he needed to do when he’s not at 100%.

The Redskins were never ‘quite ready’ for greatness this year, still too many holes; but they sure learned what it feels like.

That’ll have to be enough for this Redskin fan to hang a burgundy and gold hat on, from now until August.

RedskinsNation… we are one…

…including the coach who brought RGIII here, cultivated his game, and put him in front of all of you to learn to love like your own son.

Fire Shanny? I just want to tell him it’s okay and thanks for resurrecting such a piss poor broken down franchise.

Thanks Rob. Thanks Mike. It was a great season and though it ended with a wimper, it sure felt great to jump out of my seat again and scream, “Look at me EVERYBODY. I BLEED BURGUNDY AND GOLD. AAAARRRGGHHHH!”

I have pride of self again, and pride in my team.

Hail to the Redskins.

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5 thoughts on “Not Crying Over Spilled Milk

  1. Congratulations on a really exciting end to what had the potential to be a dreadful season (with a 3-6 start). A seven game winning streak was really special. It was great to see real mojo during games. This speaks well of the potential for a great season next year. This can be a little like golf; if the mechanics of the game are pretty good, it is possible to put together a great season with some fine tuning and positive attitude.

  2. I was one of the Redskins nation fans screaming for Kirk Cousins to be put in. I also understand that RGIII wanted to stay in and I admire that. That’s what ya want in a QB. Shanahan should have made the call early in the 2nd half after 1 or 2 series to pull Griffin. He made the decision to leave him in. I don’t agree with it but it was his decision to make not mine. Do i want Shanahan fired? No. He’s been the best thing to happen to this weary franchise in a long time. He’s rebuilt this franchise to what it used to be, a winning one. The future is only bright from here. We need to learn from this and move on. The game was a 1 point game until well into the 4th qtr. Alfred Morris should have gotten more touches. 16 for 80 or 90 yds? He’s our horse we shoulda rode yesterday. Hopefully Griffin is ok and will heal at be back next season but that knee didn’t look good. We may have to start next season with Kirk until Griffin can come back if the was ACL or MCL yesterday. We’re get the NFC East again next season and go deeper into playoffs. HTTR

  3. Thanks for posting Dave. It WAS awesome to see some mojo. Our Redskins crew here, now refer to all mojo items as either pre or post RG3 time. The kid’s just a winner, and you somehow seem to feel our luck changing a little.

  4. Great post Mark. I too am greatful for the last 7 Sundays Ive had rooting for MY TEAM and not just against the team I want to upset, which is our normal December fair. Skins gave me alot to be happy about since the Draft! The Shannys have everything to do with that. HTTR

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