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End of an Institution – The Hogettes Disband

By Jake Russell | January 11th, 2013

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After 30 years of dedication and unabashed support, the super fan group The Hogettes are disbanding. The decision was made by Michael Torbert, known as Boss Hogette.

Widely recognized for their hog noses and dresses, The Hogettes were formed in support of the Redskins famous, dominant offensive line from the called The Hogs. From there, the group’s popularity grew immensely and became engrained in Redskins society.

They have used their notoriety to support numerous charities and were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s VISA Hall of Fans in 2004.

Dave Spigler, aka “Spiggy Hogette,” said over the phone that The Hogettes will still participate in charity events but will not do it under “The Hogettes” name, as it is trademarked.

A phone call to Torbert has not yet been returned.

More on this as the situation develops.

UPDATE: Torbert posted confirmation of the disbandment on their Facebook page at 10:14 a.m.

After 30 seasons, the Hogettes are hanging up our pig snouts & dresses.

It has been an honor being a part of the greatest 12th Man fans in the NFL.

We will forever be Redskins’ fans and cheer for our beloved team.

It is a new era and we will continue to support RG3 and his teammates.


We will also continue to help (incognito) raise money for Children’s Charities.

Mikey T.

Boss Hogette

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