RedskinsNation Wishlists: Crowdsourcing

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Yesterday I hit the Twitter waves for a little crowdsourcing information – I wanted to grab Redskins fans before they dissipate for the offseason, and I wanted to find out what they felt the Redskins most glaring needs are for 2013.

The vast majority of people were looking for help in the secondary, but there were some more detailed responses AND some slightly more creative ones too. Here is a collection of some of the responses:

Resounding cries for help in the secondary:

More detailed:


More creative:

Crowdsourcing on Twitter can have mixed results, but sometimes you get exactly what I got – some passionate pleas from an informed fan base. It’s a great opportunity for the fans to ‘see their name in lights’ in a blog, as well as providing a whole ready-made list of Redskin die hard followers to add to your Twitter account. I include the tweet boxes so that you can easily just go down the list and click that ‘Follow’ button a bunch of times.

So follow ’em all up – and follow back too. Let’s grow #RedskinsNation out in the 2013 offseason.

Sorry if your tweets didn’t make it to the blog, but I had so many – nothing personal at all. I may actually have to do a ‘Part Deux’ tomorrow with the rest of them. In the meantime, you can hit me up on Twitter @TheHogsDotNet and tell me what a jerk I am and I will edit the blog and add your tweet. 😀

… or you ould just add it to the comments of this blog.



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