Have Knee Jerk Reactions Turned Into Jerky Redactions?

Washington Commanders

I understand that the Redskins offseason has begun, and that news outlets have now kind of lost their golden egg with RG3 ‘less relevant’ to current sports affairs – but do you really have to give the ‘who to blame for the knee injury’ stories so much ummm, length? Isn’t there a statute of limitations or something?

I don’t even care wether you are in the ‘it’s all Shanahan’s fault’ camp, or the ‘RG3 should have pulled himself’ camp – can you not shut up about it already?

It’s over and done with, and it’s really stale news to me, and likely to most of the most hungry and voracious of Redskins Nation readers as well. Obviously we still care about RG3’s rehab and his prognosis for recovery, but do you really think that clamoring on about who you want to point a finger at, is that interesting anymore?

I understand that it was big news at the time… and that perhaps you think that because the long-term effects are both uncertain, and categorically more negative than if it had never happened, it’s okay to go on and on and on about it. I also understand that you don’t have much else to talk about; but if you’re actually passionate about the situation as a journalist – do you ever stop and look at the type of disservice you’re doing to it, by OVER reporting on it?

We live in a world that is hammered with so much media, that it really doesn’t take much for us to become completely desensitized to something by virtue of JUST the frequency of coverage sometimes. Isn’t that’s what’s happening here?

When you spent the time working on the article, was it with the expressed hope of beating a dead horse? I know I won’t check out any more ‘blame’ and ‘fault’ stories – so if you’re just looking for clicks – chances are that you’re going to start seeing less and less of them. Is your time really being well spent, or are you guilty of taking the easy road?

I’m seriously ready to punch my computer in it’s computer face, and it didn’t do anything but serve up the garbage.

Besides, it seems kind of lazy to me when you can’t find ANYTHING else to do, than continue to regurgitate piece after piece about whose fault it is, and the long-term ramifications which can’t POSSIBLY be factual as opposed to conjecture.

Wouldn’t now be a good time to reach out to the other Redskins players (who have few obligations right now), before they all make their way back to their offseason homes, and find out what 52 other guys thought about the season, next season, and journalistic things of that nature?

Someone I respect very much, Larry Weisman, coined a great phrase in his blog a few weeks ago – and ironically, it was concerning the Redskins media if you check out this link:

“… but once again reporters prove they’re better at covering themselves with gravy than glory. ”

Great saying both because of it’s accuracy, and colorfulness.

What does it mean then, when they choose to cover themselves in week-old, barely even re-heated gravy Larry?

Let’s just try that one on for size:

“… but once again reporters prove they’re better at covering themselves with week-old, barely even re-heated gravy than glory.”

Yeah, it definitely loses some of it’s panache when it’s wordy, but it would at least seem more appropriate to the situation.

Week-old, barely even re-heated gravy.

Move on.

For the love of Pete, just move on.



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