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A Silver Lining of Burgundy and Gold!

By Mike Keys | December 16th, 2013

The moniker has become an epithet in Redskins nation.
Well… it is truly an ill wind that blows no good. It’s slowly looking more and more like Shanahan and Company have found the silver lining.
The Redskins appear on the verge of surviving the obscene penalties suffered for violating the cap in an uncapped year, with the team pretty much intact.  The only significant loss was the OMG, who will certainly be missed, but mostly because he was simply a great story, and super reliable on the field. 36 Million was the toll for crossing Mara, and refusing to collude. 18 Mil last year… 18 Mil this year… but, despite Mara’s worst… the team will survive, yielding an incredibly disciplined fiscal machine that may be as much as 42 Million UNDER the cap next year according to some media capologists (based on a cap of around 132 mil, and about 80 million currently committed in 2014).  Yes, you read right.

Now, that is the most optimistic estimate that I have seen, and this cap stuff is NEVER as simple as it appears, but our own THN Capologist, 1niksder has offered an estimate of about 32 million…  Keep in mind that there are rumors that even some big guns in sports media consult his numbers before they hit the air/press… so, I’m going with that… and hoping he’s low (sorry, 1niks…)

That means that our legitimate contender will very likely enter the off season next year with a TON of cash to spend in FA, and a history of being willing to spend it.  Now, prudence dictates some caution, and, of course, we are going to have a few contract decisions to make (Orakpo, Riley, Sleepy Davis), but I’m betting that Mara is looking at this, and popping Omeprazole like candy.  Maybe we should consider thanking him… 

Talk about revenge? How SWEET would that be?

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3 Responses to “A Silver Lining of Burgundy and Gold!”

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  2. A few? From what I read I think the number is like fourteen contracts are up.A lot of the signee’s in the past two years are one year deals to get us over the hump and then the crunch is going to come if we want to keep a lot of them. That’s not to say that we won’t have money to spend but you’ve got to take care of those already here first if you want continuity and there;s a lot of them.

  3. I’d like to think that our brain trust is competent enough to know who are and who arern’ t worthy to be long term Redsins. This is a “proof it ” year for a lot of the “border line players,! D. Hall, many of the other current CB’s, offensive line, and believe it or not, a better crop of running backs. So let’s hope that our ” fotball people” wil continue on the path they’re on now!!l