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ICYMI: April 6th

By Mark Solway | April 7th, 2014

This is a new blog segment at THn that I’m going to unimaginatively call ICYMI, which ICYMI, is an acronym for in case you missed it.

The idea being that we all lead busy lives and can’t possibly stay up on EVERYTHING going on in the Redskins Nation – not without a little help. Hopefully this blog will occasionally help you do that. It won’t concentrate on the big burgundy and gold news, but that doesn’t make it any less crucial to the avid B&G bleeder.

Let’s start with the obvious…

1) The Redskins re-signed linebacker Rob Jackson on Friday

2) The Redskins signed quarterback Colt McCoy. The former Brown gets a base salary of $735,000, a signing bonus of $65,000 and carries a cap number of $635,000. Since only the $65,000 signing bonus is guaranteed, McCoy can be jettisoned without much cap effect, and he allows the Redskins to see if anyone is really serious about trying to pry Kirk Cousins away from them on draft day.

3) The Redskins will begin their offseason workouts today. They get two extra weeks because of their new head coach.

Perhaps less obvious…

4) Ryan Clark has been wearing number 21 at practice. How do you feel about that Redskins Nation? Ryan would like to know.

5) DeSean Jackson was/is out of the country somewhere last week, and staying somewhere pretty nice. From his Instagram account:


So there’s five things that you might have missed…

… and that’s your first installment of ICYMI.

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