RG3 Brand Already Ruffling Feathers?

Washington Commanders

Yesterday, Robert Griffin III revealed the new logo for his branding. If you didn’t see it, you can check his new Instagram account (@robertgriffiniii), but here is what was posted:


Discuss freely amongst yourselves what you think of the logo that Adidas came up with for him.

While you’re doing so, consider that former Redskin offensive lineman Mark Schlereth doesn’t seem to think much about it. He expressed as much on both NFL Live, and additionally from his Twitter account:

It would seem from this tweet, that RGIII caught wind of it:

To which Schlereth subtweeted:

Anyone that follows Schlereth’s schtick knows that playing and winning a Super Bowl for the Redskins, hasn’t exactly made Stinky burgundy and gold for life. Whatever the reasons, he hasn’t towed THAT corporate line for a very long time, so that part shouldn’t be a surprise.

But bagging on a guy for developing a brand for himself in the modern NFL landscape – in the offseason… marketed by global giant Adidas – seems nothing short of bitter. Coming from a guy who pimps his Chili Sauce like Doctor Detroit, it seems a tad hypocritical too.

I wonder if Stinky might have calculated that going against the grain might make the airwaves, thusly drawing attention to HIMSELF while he’s on tour whoring that Chili Sauce?

Funny thing about “bad press” though Stinky – you’re actually just drawing even more attention to that which you want us to look away from.

Look! A shiny new RG3 logo everybody!! Isn’t it hip and cool?

Hey Mark, I know that you had a lot of operations over your NFL career – what was it 29 or something ridiculous? Well unless number 30 was a frontal lobotomy, maybe you should pull your head out of your ass and keep your thoughts germane to football.

And maybe RGIII can get Adidas to make you up a nice logo for your Chili Sauce.

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4 thoughts on “RG3 Brand Already Ruffling Feathers?

  1. This uproar about his logo is ridiculous… Gruden hit it on the head: Adidas and others are involved in selling his brand. RG3 Is left to worry about football and his personal life. People need to chill the eff out.

  2. I seem to recall Schelreth got out of Dodge (Or D.C.) as soon as he could….hmmm like the article said….bitter much?

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