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By the Numbers: Jaguars

By Mark Solway | September 17th, 2014

Here is a look at some of the more interesting and telling statistics and numbers from the Washington Redskins’ 41-10 dismantling of the Jacksonville Jaguars

449 – Yards of total offense. Not bad for a first year coach in just his second game, and missing his starting quarterback, his number 2 wide receiver and his tight end.

250 – Yards passing for Kirk Cousins. it was as solid a performance as you could ask for from your back-up quarterback. He finished the day at 22 of 33, but completed his first TWELVE passes.

191 – Yards rushing for Washington. The offensive line was stalwart against the Jags, they opened holes for everyone, especially between the tackles.

148 – Anaemic total yards for Jacksonville. Great job Redskins defense!

109.4 – Was Kirk’s quarterback rating. Ironically, Robert Griffin III’s was almost identical at 109.7 before getting hurt.

85 – Yards rushing for Alfred Morris on 22 carries. He also had two 1-yard touchdown runs, and led all Redskin rushers.

80 – Offensive plays for Washington. Wow.

63 – Yard bomb to Mercedes Lewis from the Jags, resulted in their only touchdown, and also resulted in Baccari Rambo losing his job. He got burnt large for the second week in a row, and with Brandon Meriweather returning from suspension this week, the writing was on the wall for Rambo. Take this play out, and Jacksonville had just 85 total all-purpose yards.

49.8 – Yard average on rookie Tress Way’s punts. The kid can really kick, he just needs to work on consistency; but he’s got an NFL leg for sure. His net average was 42.5 yards.

41 – Yards rushing for rookie running back Silas Redd, and on one drive! 8 carries, 5.1 yard average, and topped it off with a 14-yard touchdown run. He was dangerous even in mop up duty, and he is probably the best COMPLIMENT to Morris on the roster. Redd looks like a good decision by the coaching staff, the Redskins had a glut of serviceable backs in training camp to choose from.

39 – Total minutes of possession for the Redskins, to just 21 minutes for Jacksonville. One of the most skewed TOP ratios that you will ever see in an NFL game. Washington had the ball for almost TWICE as long as the Jags. Astounding. And outstanding.

32 – First downs for the offense. That’s another wow. See the #8 for comparison. The Redskins had 21 first downs in the first half alone – they only had 20 in the whole game last week against the Texans.

11 – Penalties committed for 98 yards. This is usually a sign of poor discipline, but I’m not sure it was entirely the case on Sunday, the Skins were fired up and played with an edge. Still, have to get this number down against better teams. Comparatively, the Jags had 6 penalties for 44 yards.

10 – Sacks for the Redskins defense. The most since 1977 and tied for the most in Redskins history. It was a delight to watch. Jim Haslett dialed up a gem on Sunday.

8 – First downs for the Jags on Sunday. Eight. They were shut down almost completely by the Redskins defense

6 – Tackles from Keenan Robinson – 4 solo, 2 assisted – to lead all Redskin defenders. Robinson has been all over the field in both of the Redskins’ first two games.

4 – Sacks for Ryan Kerrigan. the most ever for a Redskin in a single game. Congratulations young man.

1 – Win for rookie coach Jay Gruden – he earned it in spades.

0 – Turnovers. There is always an infinitely better chance that you’re going to win a game, when this zero is in your “By the Numbers”.

The Redskins will have to post some more big numbers this week – the Eagles are on deck.

Hail to the Redskins!


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