By The Numbers: Redskins vs Seahawks

By The Numbers Washington Commanders

Not even taking 3 touchdowns away from Percy Harvin, could stop Russell Wilson and the Seahawks from handing the Redskins their 4th loss in 5. Here are the interesting numbers and statistics from the Seahawks 27-17 victory over the Redskins on Monday night:

6,781 – Equals the number of times I watched Russell Wilson do something and thought, remember when RGIII used to look sort of like that? But I digress…

283 – Yards passing for Kirk Cousins. He was better than he was last week, but so was the starting quarterback for the Vienna boys choir, so there’s that. 21 of 36 isn’t exactly stalwart, but he did do some good things, and threw 2 touchdown passes to go along with a much improved 0 interceptions.

225 – Yards rushing for the Seahawks – more than half of them from Wilson.

201 – Yards passing for Wilson. He was 18 of 24 and had 2 touchdown passes. See number “3” for a footnote on the touchdown passes though.

149 – Yards receiving for DeSean Jackson. Not even the vaunted Seahawks secondary could contain him.

122 – Yards rushing for the Seahawks’ quarterback Wilson. A career high.

60 – Yard bomb to DeSean Jackson was a thing of beauty. Speed kills. He also hauled in a 57-yarder.

49.9 – Yard punt average for Tress Way – a 40.6 yard net average, and a long of 59. The kid can really kick and the Redskins appear to have made a good decision, in what was a much argued topic after training camp.

35 – Minutes of possession for Seattle, to just 25 for Washington. The Redskins really needed this to be reversed to have any chance of winning this game – it would have helped immensely to keep Wilson off the field.

17 – Yard line was where the Redskins started each drive on average, whereas the Seahawks average field position was their own 35. I bet Coach Gruden would love to take that onside kick attempt back, but hindsight is always 20/20.

14 – First downs for the Redskins. Paltry. The Seahawks only had 20. It was not an offensive gem of a game.

13 – Flags against Seattle for a total of 90 yards, basically one length of the field – there were plenty of opportunities for the Redskins to take advantage of the Super Bowl Champs – they just couldn’t. The Redskins had 3 penalties for 30 yards.

12 – Offensive drives the Redskins had. They trailed in the game in every one – and by as much as 17 points.

10 – Tackles from Perry Riley to lead all Redskins – 7 solo, 3 assisted.

7 – Straight losses for the Redskins in prime time TV situations. Not so “money”.

4 – Out of 4 punts were fair caught by Andre Roberts. All of them. Zero attempt to return any punt. Just saying.

3 – Touchdowns taken away from Percy Harvin because of penalties – in one niight! Talk about snake-bitten. I’m sure his wounds were easier to lick given that they won anyway.

3 – Sacks for the Redskins defense (Kerrigan, Kearse, Meriweather) – which would seem a very acceptable output against the crafty Wilson, but at what price did the pressure come? The Washington linebackers’ seemed to lack discipline in staying in their lanes and left “outs” for Wilson all game long. Contain, contain, contain!!!

2.2 – Yard average for Alfred Morris. Ugh. 13 carries yielded just 29 yards and 11 of them came on one run, so ostensibly he had 12 carries for 18 yards other than that. This speaks more to the troubles suffered by the offensive line on Monday, than Morris himself.

Up next for Washington, the 3-1 Arizona Cardinals.


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