By The Numbers: Redskins vs Cardinals

By The Numbers Washington Commanders

Here are some of the more important numbers and statistics from the Redskins 30-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

407 – Yards of total offense for the Redskins. The Cardinals had 317.

354 – Yards passing for Kirk Cousins, on a 24 for 38 day; unfortunately 3 of those 14 incompletions were actually completions to Arizona Cardinals.

250 – Yards passing for Carson Palmer, who returned from a 5-game absence due to a nerve injury in his shoulder. He was 28 of 44, with 0 interceptions and 2 touchdowns.

115 – Yards receiving for DeSean Jackson on just 3 receptions. #greasedLightning

108 – Yards in penalties for the Cards, on 14 hankies. The Redskins were penalized 62 yards on 6 calls.

98 – Yards receiving for Larry Fitzgerald, to lead all Cards. He had 6 catches, and 1 touchdown, but that’s not a bad job of “containing” Fitzgerald.

92 – Yards receiving for tight end Jordan Reed. Nice return, hopefully he can stay healthy.

78.2 – Kirk’s quarterback rating. Ugh. Palmer had a rating of 93.9.

64 – Yard touchdown bomb from Cousins to Jackson. This is becoming a broken record, but nobody can catch this guy.

41 – Yards rushing for Alfred Morris on 13 carries. Both numbers are anaemic. Tough sledding running the ball against the Cards, so why even try right? Roy Helu had 26 yards on 3 carries, 16 of them on one run.

35 – Yard line was the Cardinals average starting position, compared to their own 20 for the Redskins. Washington continues to lose the field position battles in games for multiple reasons, not the least of which is bad special teams play.

34 – Minutes of possession for Arizona, to 26 for the Redskins (34:19 – 25:41).

9 – Tackles 97 solo, 2 assisted) for Ryan Kerrigan, to go along with a forced fumble, and sharing a sack with Hatcher.

4 – Fourth quarter turnovers for the Redskins. See “3” for further details.

4 – Straight losses for the Redskins. Enough said.

3 – Interceptions for Cousins. In the 4th quarter. I would write more but it hurts too much to re-live. They were ugly, they were frequent, and they were daggers.

1 – Dejected team and fan base.

Titans next.

Notes: I apologize for the late nature of this posting. Apparently earlier in the week, it was posted as a draft and not published. Blame it on the booze. 😉

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