By The Numbers: Redskins vs Titans

By The Numbers Washington Commanders

Here are the important statistics and numbers for Washington’s narrow 19-17 victory over Tennessee on Sunday. It may not have been the prettiest of wins, but it ended the losing streak regardless, and hopefully put the now 2-5 Redskins back on the winning path. The Titans fell to the same mark of 2-5.

351 – Total net yards for the Redskins, to just 236 for the Titans.

160 – Yards passing for Titans quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, on 17 receptions (26 attempts, 91.8 rating).

139 – Yards passing for Kirk Cousins, on 10 completions (16 attempts).

138.9 – QB rating for Colt McCoy. Contrast that with the 64.3 that Cousins put up on basically the same number of yards.

128 – Yards passing for Colt McCoy on a near perfect 11-for-12 day; add a touchdown, no interceptions, and driving your team down the field on its final drive to kick a game winning field goal… and you can’t ask a backup quarterback to do more than that. Well done young man.

116 – Decibels is the volume I yelled, “It’s about &#%$&%* time,” when that Kai Forbath field goal sailed through the uprights with no time left. Woot.

96 – Yards on 11 penalties for the Titans. 50 yards on 7, for the Skins. Washington continues to be on the winning side of this ledger, which is good, it just seems like it should be affording them more success than it has been.

87 – Yards receiving for Pierre Garcon, on 5 receptions. He led all receivers on both teams.

70 – Yard touchdown pass and catch from McCoy to Garcon. It was a thing of beauty, and it came on McCoy’s very first regular season pass as a Redskin. Not only was it the longest pass of his career, but it was his first since December 2012 when he was with the Browns.

68 – Yards receiving for Kendall Wright to lead all Titans. Why is this significant? You don’t often see “leading” totals so low – not against the Redskins much maligned secondary.

54 – Yards receiving on 5 catches for tight end Jordan Reed in his return to action. The guy who has been spelling him, Niles Paul, had 58 yards as well (2 receptions) – 50 of them on 1 play!

54 – Yards on 13 carries for Alfred Morris. Where, oh where, did my AlMo go? The line is part of the problem for sure, but Morris just isn’t running with the same conviction he has shown in the past.

31 – Minutes of possession for Tennessee, to 29 for Washington. Pretty much a draw.

29 – Yards on 5 carries for Roy Helu. He seems to be getting more out of what he is given than Morris right now, will that earn him more carries?

16 – First downs for the Redskins to the Titans 14. This stat is only really relevant in that 30 first downs total in the game, is a paltry number. The offense in this one was a bit offensive.

14 – Tackles for Keenan Robinson, 7 solo, 7 assisted. He was everywhere, and has become top drawer against the run.

14 – Yards on 1 carry for Darrel Young. Yeah, I know it isn’t all that significant, but I needed an opportunity to welcome DY back to the lineup after being out the previous two weeks. The well-rounded fullback was missed in his absence, and had several key blocks in the Titans game.

11 – Interceptions for Cousins on the season; but the last one may have been his last for some time.

6 – Tackles for Will Compton (4 solo, 2 assisted), and a solid outing, in his second start in place of the injured Perry Riley.

4 – Field goals on 4 attempts for Forbath. They were all fairly pedestrian, but when your kicker scores 74% of your points (14/19), including a walk-off winner, it’s worthy of mention.

1 – Sack for Frank Kearse; it was the Redskins only sack of the game. They aren’t generating much pressure right now.

0 – Reasons to complain, no matter what. A win is a win, and the Redskins desperately needed one.

It’s Dallas week AND it’s the Monday Night game. Get your hate on. Coach Gruden stated after the game that unless RGIII was ready to start this week against the Cowboys, that Colt would get the start.

Hail to the Redskins!

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