Washington Commanders

Some losses hurt more than others. There isn’t really a formula for what makes these games different than the rest, just an even more empty feeling when they do happen. Such was the case for the Redskins 27-7 loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday. It hurt. A lot.

Was it because the loss was at home, and our home fan base had to endure that debacle?

Maybe partly, but Redskins fans have grown accustomed to Fed Ex Field not seeing a lot of victories. I always find it tough to watch my peers boo the product on the field though, but I understand their chagrin.

Was it because the Bucs were a 1-8 team, and somebody the Redskins should have, or at least could have beat?

Yeah, that was some of it.

Was it because the loss left the Redskins at 3-7, nothing but a mathematical hope at a playoff berth, and staring down the barrel of yet another losing season?

Well yeah, that’s part of it too. That definitely stings and adds weight to the loss.

Was it because our defense created almost zero pressure on a very mediocre Bucs offense and quarterback?

There’s validity in that. It’s tough to watch a rookie receiver hang over 200 yards receiving on a secondary because the front 7 couldn’t create any type of pocket urgency. And Bree-Island smelled more like Brie cheese on Sunday.

Was it because a supposedly well-tooled, re-tooled offense, that is supposed to be under the tutelage of an offensive guru, suddenly makes getting first downs look harder than Chinese Algebra?

Hmmm… well there’s definitely something in that one. That’s a stinker that makes this one hurt a bit more. When Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson COMBINE for 41 yards receiving, you just aren’t getting the ball down field at all. You’re dinking and dunking your way to bloated stats.

… but I’m still not sure that’s it.

Do you know what I think it is?

I think it’s just the cumulative effect of the losing culture of this team. I’ve been making excuses, and reveling in past glory for more than 20 years, more than 12 of them publicly on this site, and why have I done that? Because I have had to.

The reality of it is this… before this season, the Redskins were 94-130 in this Millennium. Sixth worst in the NFL. Only the Arizona Cardinals (90-134), Buffalo Bills (88-136), Oakland Raiders (86-138), Cleveland Browns (75-149) and Detroit Lions (69-155) had won fewer games. The Cardinals have won 9 games this year already, so they have moved past Washington, leaving the Redskins with the FIFTH WORST RECORD IN THE NFL SINCE 2000. Further to that, it leaves the Lions as the only NFC team to have won fewer games in that span (and even they are atop the NFC North right now at 7-3). So if it feels like the Redskins lose a lot – they do!

A .420 winning percentage in this Millennium, translates to 6.72 games per year, so why would Redskins Nation be at all surprised? We’re on track!

The fact is, losing has become the status quo. The expected norm.

We’ve proven extensively, that it takes more than a few personnel and coaching changes to shift that kind of paradigm too, so what end is in sight? ( That’s certainly a little salt and lemon on the open wound, isn’t it? )

Is there really any sign that this franchise can expect different results any time soon? After all, they keep repeating the same recipes of failure.

There’s an old adage that, “misery loves company.”

It’s a shame that that’s all that seems to be holding Redskins Nation together these days; not the fun and grandeur of following the winning traditions of a proud football franchise.

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