Redskins Logo Re-Design A La Disney

Washington Commanders

Being an NFL fan, a Redskins fan, AND a proud daddy, I couldn’t help but take interest this week in a blog about someone who had re-designed the entire battery of NFL team logos in a Disney theme – especially given the constant news vitriol, and the controversy surrounding the Redskins, the use of their name, and of course of their logo.

The blog highlights a guy by the name of Mark Avery Kenny, who quite creatively just posted an entire series of NFL logos on his Instagram account.

I have to admit to not being all that impressed with the Redskins submission, but some of them were incredibly creative and stylish so check out the Instagram account for them all. Here is the Washington version:


I don’t understand the Pinocchio reference, myself. Are we the known “liars” of the NFL or something? I DIGRESS.

It seemed fairly obvious (maybe too obvious for the designer), that Pocohontas might make a more natural “fit,” so I took to my own Photoshop to see how it looked.


Strangely appropriate given their play of late, don’t you think?


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