Fangio To Bears

Washington Commanders

Vic Fangio is taking the job with the Bears, and not the Redskins.

Ironically, Jason LaCanfora tweeted the news:

I say ironic, because JLC was also the one who tweeted that Fangio would be taking the Skins job last night (as I blogged this morning).

For what it’s worth, the source being JLC was the impetus behind me making my blog title this morning a question, and behind citing Chris Russell’s differing opinion (tweet).

JLC was clueless when he was in D.C. – a change of employers hasn’t improved his ability to “report” much. Rumors and innuendo are quite typically the extent of the “fact finding skills” of Mr. LaCanfora. #devoidOfTalent

Make sure you put him in your timeline and guess along with all of the NFL’s daily transactions!!


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