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Great Super Bowl

By Mark Solway | February 2nd, 2015

As much as I hated the entire week leading up to the Super Bowl, the game itself was absolutely fantastic. It was… what the Super Bowl is supposed to be. A closely contested battle between what were quite obviously the league’s two best teams.

Let’s face it, the Seahawks blew it. There isn’t a coach / player / team alive that wouldn’t take the scenario that Seattle had. Down by just 4 points – less than a minute to go – but with the ball on the one yard line and with the game’s absolute best power back in your backfield. Marshawn Lynch can gain a yard on nearly any play, he is #BeastMode for a reason. That reason. The guy can run with 8 NFL players on his back. His leg drive is incredible.

So how on earth do you call a pass?

I’ve heard Pete Carroll’s explanation. It sounded like what you would expect a guy to say when he’s just made the single biggest professional gaffe that he could ever make. Empty.

But ultimately, it happened and all the conjecture and finger pointing in the world, will not change the outcome.

That leaves the Patriots last drive as the Super Bowl XLIX winning drive, and it was a thing of beauty.

There’s no denying that Tom Brady showed why he is one of the game’s very best. Ever. You can downplay it all you want – you can hedge it all you want – but when a quarterback steps on to a field with two minutes to go in a Super Bowl and marches them down the field like a General – that IS what legends are made of. Don’t let Brady’s college oily beau hunk demeanor taint that. He was… unflappable.

It’s also worthy of note that a lot of teams would have felt that game had slipped away from them at one point – down by 10 in the 4th – but not the Pats. Not Bill Belichek. In fact, the Pats never even looked like it affected them. They just kept playing. That’s not just the mark of a good team – that’s the mark of a great team. A wonderfully coached team.

Forget Deflate-gate and the bullspit that surrounded it. It had nothing to do with the result anyway. Call them cheaters all you want – they are the World Champions and it is NOT because they cheated. In fact, despite the media circus of deflategate that surrounded them, they still found a way to prepare for the biggest game of their lives.

And win.

It is because they are the best team in the world.

And for the fourth time in 14 years. That’s an incredible legacy.

So when you’re standing around the water cooler today and conversation turns to the game – don’t be a hater. I don’t like Tom Brady either. I don’t like the Patriots.

But they’re the absolute best. And they proved it.

Respect is deserved.

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