Redskins Wallpaper: Chris “Swaggy” Baker

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Last week, Terrance Knighton signed with the Redskins, perhaps largely due to the efforts of his good friend and current Washington Redskin, Chris Baker.

Now I don’t know and probably never will know, just how much Chris influenced Terrance’s decision; but I do know that he put in a concerted effort to do so. I also know that Chris did so the week of his wedding – a wedding that Terrance happened to be best man at. But to be honest, that’s not really what struck a chord with me.

What struck a cord, was that Chris was “recruiting” a guy that was ostensibly going to come in and not only compete for the same job, but in all likelihood, drastically change the role that Chris has with the Redskins. Chris is likely to be relegated to a rotational or situational role with Knighton earning the start.

That’s a helluva friend.

That’s a helluva team player too.

So I thought I would take it upon myself to make up a nice Redskins wallpaper for Chris – or Swaggy as he is affectionately referred to. Maybe there are marquee players that might seem more suitable for such efforts, but I’m putting my eggs in the basket of the guy that screams “Teammate”, and “Friend”. That kind of dedication is the kind of thing that makes this fan, bleed burgundy and gold even more.

Just like Chris.

Oh, and congratulations on the wedding Swaggy!

Hope you like the wallpaper.


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1440×900 version

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Hail to the Redskins!

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