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Hog Wire: Redskins News for March 22, 2015

By Mark Solway | March 22nd, 2015


Here is what’s going on in Redskins Nation in the last 24 hours…

From the mainstream media:

  • Posted by John Keim…
    Redskins’ free agents more praised than 2014 class
  • Posted by richard.tandler at CSN…
    Quick Hits–Will Redskins’ Forbath get challenged?
  • Posted by John Keim…

    Redskins mailbag: Part 2

  • Posted by TEl-Bashir at CSN…
    Redskins roster reset: Safeties
  • #RedskinsBracket 2015: Update No. 2

From the Redskins Blogosphere:

  • Posted by Marc Shea…

    Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Kevin White, WR

  • Posted by Hog Heaven Locker…
    NFL Veteran Combine, why Tempe? Why Now?
  • Posted by Steve Shoup…
    Saturday Slop!

From Our Message Boards:

  • Great, but nothing on Offense.
    Posted by tribeofjudah…
    Thread: Pro Football Focus – Grades and Our FA Signings

  • The fact that we are starting fresh and everyone minus 2 players (kerrigan and trent) are expendable… Scot could pick literally any position at almost any time (obviously 1st round is a little different) so positions like RB, WR, QB, TE, C, CB etc…etc…etc… are all possibilities. Scot wants the right players that start as, and stay as redskins, and are guys he evaluates to be the best.
    Posted by Prowl33…
    Thread: Let the 2015 mock draft begin….

  • With ya 110%. This kid seems like a good value at that spot, plus he fits grudens system pretty well as he has some pretty good development in the pocket already… plus he is a finesse thrower, while he has decent arm strength, he is best at putting the ball at the right spot and progressing through his options.
    Posted by Prowl33…
    Thread: If we drafted a QB after 1st round, who and why?

  • Deadskins wrote:
    riggofan wrote:SkinsJock wrote:TOTALLY agree – Scot & Jay are thinking long term not short term like most do – they will take any player they think will help – they also are not going to think like "we can’t take a player at that position, that high …"
    Yeah man, your comment about short term v. long term is exactly right. We have to quit thinking about the draft as a way to address needs for this year. Its about stocking the team in the next 2 – 4 years.

    Posted by SkinsJock…
    Thread: We’re after the “Pot Roast”

  • Would we trade Griffin for a 1st round pick? undoubtedly
    Posted by SkinsJock…
    Thread: Would/should we trade RG3 for a 1st round pick?

Hail to the Redskins!

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