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I love the Draft. I don’t take the same kind of draftnik approach that I used to and scour over other people’s opinions on players until I have formulated my own full blown draft hypothesis. I respect the people that do, but these days, I take a more relaxed approach.

I don’t profess to know which players will be drafted in all 256 slots. I only know that I enjoy the offseason pageantry that I personally attach to the event. It’s the football equivalent of Christmas in July. Besides, the randomness of it all, makes it tougher to predict than the pokies at

Here is a look at all ten of the Redskins 2015 NFL Draft selections, as well as some commentary about them…

Round 1, Pick 5 (5)
Brandon Scherff OG 6’5″ 319 Iowa

Pick Analysis:

“How about that? The beauty is that Washington has been looking for a right tackle. The right side of the Redskins’ line is getting younger and more athletic. Scherff is a lot like Zack Martin from last year’s draft.” — Mike Mayock

“They found a Day 1 starter in Brandon Scherff; they view him as a right tackle. A coach from another team said of Scherff: “Good right tackle; Pro Bowl guard.” Regardless, he’ll be a forceful blocker in the run game, something the Redskins needed.” — John Keim

“Try to convince me again in five years that the Redskins SHOULDN’T have taken Scherff at #5 because he was a truer #7-9 pick. Hog Wash! Great pick, great fit, and one of the safest picks in the entire draft.” — Me

Round 2, Pick 6 (38)
Preston Smith DE 6’5″ 271 MississippI St.

Pick Analysis:

“Smith was a defensive end at MississippI State, but you just heard him introduced as a linebacker. That’s because the Redskins are a 3-4 base defensive team.” — Mike Mayock

“I was surprised to see them take an end that wasn’t an edge rusher. Maybe even disappointed. He’s a good player though, it’s no knock on Smith. He will contribute at OLB.” — Me

Round 3, Pick 31 (95) (from Seahawks)
Matt Jones RB 6’2″ 231 Florida

Pick Analysis:

“That is a big specimen right there. Jones is a big, physical downhill guy who needs to learn patience, but he has a lot of talent.” — Mike Mayock

“Matt’s, you know, he’s a big boy. He’s 6-foot-3 and when you look at him, you’ll be like, ‘I don’t know if I want to tackle this one.’ He runs hard, he’s physical and he loves to play.” — Coach Gruden

“Pile mover. Period. I’d have loved this choice a pick later, but think we flinched because of a sudden glut of picks. Still, I like the player and giving him time to mature slightly behind AlMo.” — Me

Round 4, Pick 6 (105)
Jamison Crowder WR 5’8″ 185 Duke

Pick Analysis:

“Crowder’s height and weight are below average for the position and he’ll likely compete for a slot/return role with the Redskins. He has big time punt return ability. — Mark Dulgerian

“You have to pick up guys later in the draft that aren’t for sure things, but that either have potential, or can fill a need. Crowder can help special teams in the punt return game, and right away.” — Me

Round 4, Pick 13 (112) (from Seahawks through Saints)
Arie Kouandjio OG 6’5″ 310 Alabama

Pick Analysis:

“Then there’s Kouandjio, who has had multiple knee surgeries. If he’s right, then he’d be considered good value in the third round. If he’s not, then the Redskins might have wasted another valuable pick.” — John Keim

“Washington selects another mauler in Kouandjio (Cyrus’ brother). He’s not as gifted in pass protection as Cyrus, but he’ll move men off the ball in the run game. — Mark Dulgerian

“Kouandjio from Alabama, very physical offensive guard. We talk about offensive line depth, and you can never have too many big guys that can move a pile of people. Knowing him and talking to him at the Combine, he’s a very good person and works very, very hard. Very detailed in what he does, and he’ll be a good fit for us.” — Coach Gruden

“I love getting a guy in the 4th that could legitimately grow into a starter. I love that he has a good head on his shoulders even more. If his knee trouble remains a thing of the past, he could be the steal of this Redskins draft.” — Me

Round 5, Pick 5 (141)
Martrell Spaight OLB 6’0″ 236 Arkansas

Pick Analysis:

“Spaight led the SEC in tackles in 2014 because of his box presence and his downhill attacking style against the run. Coverage isn’t his strong suit so he projects as a 2-down linebacker for Joe Barry’s defense.” — Mark Dulgerian

“Raw, but talented – relatively inexperienced. The Redskins are surely hoping that Spaight’s senior season is evidence of a late bloomer who is worthy of a project.” — Me

Round 6, Pick 5 (181) (from Seahawks through Jets)
Kyshoen Jarrett SS 5’10” 200 Virginia Tech

Pick Analysis:

“Washington had a need for safety so taking a developmental one late isn’t surprising, especially since Jarrett adds special teams value. He’s more of a strong safety in Joe Barry’s cover 2 scheme. — Mark Dulgerian

“A little bit undersized for a safety. He’s 5-foot-10. But when he brings it, he brings it. He’s a tough guy. I think he’s going to be very good on special teams, and he’ll have to try to work his way into the lineup [on defense]. ” — Coach Gruden

“I like the pick, but I don’t like that the Redskins waited until the 6th round to address the position. He may be able to help somewhere down the line, and the Redskins need that as well, but I thought safety was enough of a need to address earlier than they did.” — Me

Round 6, Pick 6 (182)
Tevin Mitchel CB 6’0″ 190 Arkansas

Pick Analysis:

“We did a lot of work on Tevin. He had an excellent pro day and has excellent measurable. He’s 6-foot tall. He was relegated mostly to playing nickel at Arkansas. But I think with the measurables that he has, there’s a role for him. He can run, and did some good things at the nickel position.” — Coach Gruden

“Tevin Mitchel joins his college teammate, Martrell Spaight, on a defense that had several holes to fill. Mitchel is a career sub package corner with measurables coaches like to work with. — Mark Dulgerian

“His talent would seem to be higher than it has taken him so far, otherwise, he may have a short tenure.” — Me

Round 6, Pick 11 (187) (from Saints)
Evan Spencer WR 6’2″ 208 Ohio St.

Pick Analysis:

“He’s Cole’s brother, who works here [as an area scout]. Know a lot about him, obviously. But he brings a different type of mentality to the receiver room. He’s a different type of player. He’s a physical player. Excellent special teams player. Excellent, excellent, excellent. He will make that room better. Very, very good, positive, tough football player. … You might look at his stats and you think, ‘Why would you draft him?’ But this guy is a very, very productive football player. He’s big, he’s fast, he’s physical.” — Coach Gruden

“I don’t know much about the guy and his resume seems rather limited, but he also seems very liked and respected. He has good physical tools, so I will be watching to see how he develops early on.” — Me

Round 7, Pick 5 (222)
Austin Reiter C 6’3″ 296 South Florida

Pick Analysis:

“The Redskins will see if they tap into Reiter’s size and athleticism. He’s their 3rd interior line selection in this year’s draft. — Mark Dulgerian

“Solid performer at a small school. Anyone is a flyer at 222, but I like that the Redskins took the flyer on an offensive lineman. Competition will only help the unit get better.” — Me

“The last pick, from South Florida, you know, you watch him on tape and he did some really good things. He’s a good, solid center. He’ll come in, in the mix and compete like the rest of these guys, and I think the motto of this draft is really, these are all good football players; proven football players, very productive in college, tough, love to play, and we’re excited to get to see them.” — Coach Gruden

That last quote from Gruden is a great way to close it out and sum up the Redskins draft… hungry, tough players that are eager to come in and compete.

Personally, I don’t like to grade a draft. I don’t profess to get to watch each of these players play often enough, to assess their “Draft stock”. It takes years to grade a draft. Unless it’s awful of course, then it’s apparent right away. But just because mel kiper or Mike Mayock don’t like a player or rank them highly, doesn’t mean that we won’t look back in five years and say, “Can you believe that guy was drafted in the 6th round?” It happens all the time. But it takes seasons to bear out the fruits of some of these labors.

I will say that on first blush, I really like what the Redskins did. I love the first pick. I love the overall theme of toughness. I love that we got 10 players, when we went in with 7 picks. There were a couple of players that I thought might have been available later than the Redskins grabbed them. There were a couple of players that didn’t seem to fit that BPA motto that was preached. There were some surprises. Both good and bad.

But you’ll have to hit me up on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet in January 2019 to get a grade of the Redskins 2015 draft class.

For now, I’m excited enough by the pageantry of it all, to be together a graphic of all of the draftees – stay tuned!!

Hail to the Redskins.


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