Missing In Action? Nope, Just Parenting…

Washington Commanders

Life has been hectic. Raising a young boy is the joy of my life and I took some time this offseason to re-charge my Redskins batteries. I will be re-joining the Redskins pleasuredome very soon and we look forward to our 14th NFL season at theHogs.net!

I wasn’t completely derelict in my duties… I did spend a lot of time on shareable graphics this offseason. I will be releasing a new Redskins wallpaper EVERY Wednesday of the regular season – at least 16, as many as 19. Look for the hashtag #wallpaperWednesday in my timeline.

I also worked on a couple of other weekly graphic features as well, but all in good time my Redskins brethren. I will be re-starting the morning Hog Wires again soon as well, with the opening of training camp.

Wish I was sweating my burgundy and gold berries off on the sidelines with my fam – but me and the lad are there in spirit.

Hail to the Redskins.

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