2 thoughts on “FUBAR

  1. It is a sad day when you have to deactivate or trade the QB that you gave up the farm for and drafted to be the franchise QB and the future leader of the team. But, on the bright side at least we know that the new GM is serious about winning and doing what gives the team the best chance to win.

    1. I get the RGIII move. I really do.

      Obviously I wish it never happened, but I think it seems apparent that Robert can’t pull his own head out of his own ass long enough to listen to what anybody has tried or is telling him, to do. And ultimately, his eyes are bigger than his stomach. Whatever he was or thinks he is, he isn’t.

      What I despise is the public dog and pony act that is constantly paraded in front of the fan base. The adage that constantly keeping the name in the media is akin to being successful just doesn’t wash that well with me anymore. Shut up, play ball, and win some damn football games.

      We obviously live in a very public time. I’m not naive. But it’s that same lack of naivete that allows me to understand that when the organization seeks to drive a propaganda wheel with such fervor and vigor, maybe at some point they should (responsibly) look at the long term success rate of splashy headlines instead of just the short term gain.

      2 cents

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