Redskins v Rams – At The Half

Washington Commanders

The Redskins controlled the first half with a solid ground game, and their defense looked after the rest.

Matt Jones scored his first NFL touchdown with a beautiful run up the left sidelines for 39 yards.

Washington’s last touchdown drive was the best drive of the season. They just smashed their way down the field – it was beautiful. It was capped off with a Garcon 5-yard grab, but was set up completely by the Redskins offensive line paving highways for Matt Jones and Alfred Morris to run through. 12 plays – 82 yards – almost 8 minutes (7:44). Gorgeousity.

Jones finished the half with 80 yards on 9 carries, AlMo has 52 yards on 8 carries.

Cousins is 12/14 for 115 yards. No picks despite a narrow miss, and the touchdown pass to Garcon.

The defense was near perfect. The Rams managed just 72 total yards and kicked the ball 6 straight times. It was the first time that the Redskins have shut out the opposition in the first half, for 4 years – 61 games to be exact.

Let’s hope that the wheels don’t fall off in the second. If Washington can continue to run the ball like they have, and eat clock, they can earn their first victory of the season against a tough opponent.

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