Sonny Jurgensen: Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday Washington Commanders

In light of the Redskins’ match-up against their division rival Eagles this week, it seemed like a good time to feature Redskins mainstay Sonny Jurgensen.

Jurgensen was drafted by Philadelphia, and played seven seasons there; before being traded to Washington for quarterback Norm Snead and cornerback Claude Crabbe. He played eleven seasons for the Redskins, and incredibly won the NFL passing title in his final 1974 season at the age of forty. He was induced into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the Class of 1983.


From the HOF website:

In many circles, he was recognized as the best passer of his time. A five-time Pro Bowl selection, his stats include 2,433 completions for an impressive 32,224 yards and 255 touchdowns. “All I ask of my blockers is four seconds,” the veteran quarterback once explained. “I try to stay on my feet and not be forced out of the pocket. I beat people by throwing, not running. I won’t let them intimidate me into doing something which is not the best thing I can do.”

In 1969, Vince Lombardi took over the Redskins’ coaching. Many wondered if Lombardi and Jurgensen could work together. Noted for his taskmaster approach to coaching, Lombardi quickly developed a strong admiration for the fun-loving quarterback. “Jurgensen is a great quarterback,” the coach said without hesitation. “He hangs in there under adverse conditions. He may be the best the league has ever seen. He is the best I have seen.”

His service in D.C. has been second to none.

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