Falcon Anecdote

Washington Commanders

I remember years ago when the site was part of the Fan 2 Fan Alliance and every week, fans of other teams would raid our message board. It was weekly pandemonium. The internet was different then. There was one particular occasion where we were playing the Falcons… given today’s game against Atlanta, it seemed an appropriate time to reminisce.

Redskins v Falcons NFL.com Game Center

At the time we were doing a weekly podcast with then Redskins receiver Brandon Lloyd. The following day, one of the Atlanta fans hit our message boards to mock me.

You see, I live in Canada and we don’t call them Falcons, pronounced Fal like pal. We call them Falcons pronounced like fall-con. So one particular Atlanta fan thought that he would have a go at me the next day on the message board.

He tried his hand a bit of smack and offered up something lame like, “Ha Ha, you can’t even say Falcon right… it’s ‘Fal’, like ‘pal’.”

My response?

A simple, “You’re a fall-con idiot.”

Enough said.

Today we play the Fall-con idiots.

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