Su’a Cravens in S.T.’s Uniform – Photoshop

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Yeah, yeah, yeah… before you even start, I did this graphic up to pay homage to Sean Taylor, not to exploit him or his good name.

After all, not only is Taylor a favorite of many-to-most Redskins fans, he was also the favorite player of the Redskins 2nd round draft pick Su’a Cravens (53rd overall).


Click on the image for a 1280×800 wallpaper sized version.

Cravens wore number 21 at USC.

It’s not likely Cravens will actually ever see himself in the number 21 of the burgundy and gold – nor will anyone else – so I hope there’s no feathers ruffled with a little bit of Photoshop manipulation to show what it would look like.

The composite uses Sean’s jersey AND pads, and then there is just helmet accents laid over top of the USC helmet. Yeah sure, there are some quirky bits, but it’s just for some burgundy and gold fun. See both images below to see where the composite came from.

Send all complaints to 1-800-EAT-SH… oh, nevermind.

More about Cravens’ pre-NFL days here.

You can actually reach me on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet.

Our Sean Taylor Tribute Page.

Hail. To the Redskins. To Su’a. And especially to Sean. May he rest in peace.

Original images:


 (Photo by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images)

And just because there is never not a good reason to post this, the original Sean Taylor Tribute wallpaper:


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