Projecting Proficiency: What Can We Expect From The 2016 Washington Redskins Offense?

NFL Washington Commanders

So, you’re a Skins fan with visions of touchdowns dancing in your head.  All you’ve been thinking about since the draft is how many extra towels you’ll need to wipe up the drool over the potential of this 2016 Washington offense.  After all, unless Kirk Cousins completely regresses it seems unfathomable the passing offense could not be highly successful.  Desean Jackson is healthy.  The virtually non-productive Andre Roberts has been replaced by the perhaps not-so-surprisingly productive Jamison Crowder.  Teams can no longer double Garcon, whose production suffered as a result of a lack of a depleted receiving corps.  Ryan Grant, who had 23 receptions last season is ostensibly 5th on the depth chart.  Speedster Rashad Ross is 6th.  The tight end situation has been taken from dire to delicious with not only the return of a healthy Niles Paul but also the signing of Vernon Davis.  The position is solidified to such extent Logan Paulsen may be fighting for a roster spot.  To be perfectly frank, we have a split decision on newly anointed starter Matt Jones at running back.  There really isn’t much history upon which to base a substantive opinion.  For the purposes of projecting numbers reason dictates Jones will see at least the same number of carries primary back Alfred Morris saw last season, possibly more.  Certainly the backs in combination will see many opportunities and with a healthy and revamped offensive line it is reasonable to expect at least marginal improvement to meet the league rushing average per carry.

Considerable deliberate thought and careful consternation were given to the following projections based upon not only last season but also taking into account the roster changes for the 2016 NFL season.  The figures are intended to be reasonable and attainable based only upon each individual remaining healthy for the full season.  If your first inclination is to balk at the numbers for Cousins my first inclination is to remind you he’s playing on the franchise tag for a contract at the time of this writing and nothing should lead anyone to believe he will not perform under those circumstances.  Quod erat demonstrandum



Kirk Cousins
600 attempts
400 completions (67%)
5,000 yards
35 Touchdowns
6.0% TD Percentage
2.0% Interception Percentage
312.5 YPG
20 Sacks

Matt Jones
250 Carries
1,000 yards
30 receptions
300 yards

Other Backs
150 carries
600 yards
85 receptions
500 yards

Desean Jackson
60 receptions
1,100 yards
8 Touchdowns

Pierre Garcon
75 receptions
800 yards
6 Touchdowns

Jamison Crowder
50 receptions
500 yards
5 Touchdowns

Josh Doctson
40 receptions
500 yards
5 Touchdowns

Other Receivers
60 receptions
600 yards
5 Touchdowns

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