Bacon Bits: Preseason – What The Coaches Will Be Watching

Washington Commanders




Quotes from Jay Gruden‘s press conference:

On Running Backs…

“Running backs, all you’re looking for – well, number one – you’re looking for how they pick it up mentally, their footwork and obviously the pass protection.”

“We take very seriously our pass protection around here. But as far as running the football, we’re going to see that on game day. You know, some guys I’ve seen in shorts, running backs like, ‘Holy cow, this guy can’t be tackled,’ and then he gets into a game and then he gets into a game and he gets tackled and runs backwards the wrong way. So we’ll see how it works out. But I really am excited to watch these guys run.”

On Conditioning…

“I think the biggest thing to keep an eye on is how they handle their stamina, you know what I mean?”

“When you get out in a game, guys will be playing more than three, four, five, six plays in a row and we’ll see how they handle it, the receivers, defensive backs, pass rushers. It will be good to see. It will be good work for us and we’ll see where we are exactly from a conditioning standpoint and from a skillset.”



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