Flashback Friday: This Day in 1934

Flashback Friday Washington Commanders

On this day, October 21st waaay back in 1934, the Boston Redskins defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 6-0.

Rather than offer up some pallid game reference, I thought I would post a great excerpt I found at a site called FenwayParkDiaries.com:

Boston and Battles beat Philadelphia

October 21, 1934 … Displaying superior rushing ability, but balked by penalties and fumbles for three periods, the Boston Redskins called upon the fighting ability of Cliff Battles to score the touchdown that pulled out a 6-0 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles at Fenway Park. On two previous occasions, the Redskins shot the ball over the goal only to have the scores called back because of penalties. Once a fumble on the two-yard line stopped a touchdown and twice, intercepted passes inside the 10-yd line halted the Redskins.

he first non-touchdown, a 22-yd run by Steve Hokuff was called back because of and offside penalty. Early in the third period, the Redskins marched 82 yards to the 10-yard line where Cliff Battles notched the score, only to have it called back for a back in motion before the snap. The game was just too much Cliff Battles

Read the rest of the nostalgic entry here.


The Redskins finished their third season 6-6, and a respectable 2nd in the NFL East.

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