DeAngelo Hall Mentoring Rookie Holsey

Washington Commanders

The Washington Redskins drafted Josh Holsey in the seventh round of the NFL Draft, hoping he can help improve their secondary. After he was drafted, Holsey’s cornerbacks coach with the Auburn Tigers, placed a call to his former Atlanta Falcons teammate DeAngelo Hall, asking him to take care of the rookie. If you want to bet on the Redskins or other NFL games, check out the best NFL lines thanks to years of experience in the sports betting industry.

While speaking with the Redskins official website, Hall said he has been keeping an eye on Holsey and thinks he is a hell of a football player that can play in the NFL. He also added that since the Redskins secondary is so deep, he might not get a lot of playing time unless a few players get hurt.

Hall suffered a season ending injury last season and hasn’t been able to participate in training camp. Despite not being able to practice with his teammates, Hall has been helping Holsey out from the sidelines, getting him ready for the start of the season.

Holsey told reporters that Hall has taken him under his wing and has been trying to teach him everything he has learned over the years. He added that Hall has been picking up on things he is doing wrong but doesn’t notice, and has been pointing them out to him, which has already been paying dividends.

Even though Hall has been converted to a safety, he spent the first 11 years of his NFL career as a cornerback, making three Pro Bowl appearances.

Hall said he is trying to impart some of the wisdom he has acquired during his time in the league to help Holsey become a better player. He also said he is pleased that their conversations haven’t been one-sided because Holsey has been receptive to the mentoring and ask as many questions as he can.

Hall asks Holsey what he sees on certain plays and what he was thinking at the time, then tells him what he would have done in the same situation, and how to put himself in a position to make a play.

The relationship between the two seems to be paying off because Holsey has made some great plays in training camp. The rookie had two interceptions on Friday. Holsey credited his improvement in training camp to Hall and the pointers he has been giving him.

While Hall and Holsey have formed a great relationship, the players came into the league under different circumstances. Hall was a highly rated cornerback coming out of Virginia Tech, and only seven players were selected ahead of him. Holsey on the other hand was one of the last players taken in the draft, and only 10 players were selected after him.

Holsey does have something in common with Hall, which is the fact that they both have a history of knee injuries. Since Holsey was one of the last players taken in the draft, the team won’t hesitate to release him if he doesn’t continue to impress during the preseason. His best shot may be at the practice squad.

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