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There is a high likelihood of backup quarterback Colt McCoy becoming one of the most valuable members of the Washington Redskins offense. It is public knowledge that there have been justified talks about the critical roles of slot man Jamison Crowder and quarterback Terrelle Pryor Sr. who is now a wide receiver. However, Colt McCoy whom is playing in his 8th season is one play shy of having the fortunes of the Redskins in his hands. Such possibilities are likely to influence the updated Washington Redskins betting odds for week one.

This is a fact not only this year but also come next season.

Starter Kirk Cousins marks his second season as the franchise player of the team. This means that Kirk will be a free agent at the end of the season, three years straight he has been a free agent; except next year it will cost 35 million for the tag. This gives McCoy an even higher probability of featuring in any future plans.

McCoy mentioned that he felt good and that he was having one of the best camps he can remember. He was born in Texas and will be having his 31st birthday in September. McCoy added that he was very comfortable with the place and state that they were in as a team considering that they were in camp.

McCoy did not display a luster performance in the Washington Redskins’ 23-3 loss to the equally good Baltimore team, a match that was played as a preseason opener. He went for 6 for 13 for 40 yards and this was with an interception. Nonetheless, Colt has been exemplary in the 2-minute long drills that the team had in Richmond where they spent a whole 3 weeks.

The Washington Redskins’ camp came to an end on Monday and are set to resume their workouts today at their Ashburn home.

McCoy is aware that he is not a threat to Kirk Cousins who is going to earn $23.94 million. For Kirk will become the very first quarterback to successfully play under the franchise tag for two years straight. Similarly, McCoy is just one play shy of being called on by the team to produce. It will be very interesting to watch how this scenario unfolds this year and even in the future.

McCoy said that he was very confident and ready to come off the bench and deliver for his team. Colt went on to say that he is confident in his ability to aid Cousins in being one of the best players this year and is his main focus. McCoy is not very keen on what happens afterwards.

Colt said that he felt very blessed to be going into his eight season, this being his 3rd year in Washington. He feels that every part of his being is exactly where it is supposed to be and that he is indeed at the right place.

The loss of Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson to free agency have put the Washington Redskins in motion to rebuild their receiving corps. In any case, Crowder and Pryor who are their best targets figure to incorporate injured tight end Jordan Reed. Jordan has missed the entire camp owing to an injury.

Pryor is the only one who is now healthy, this makes a learning opportunity for the young players and the veteran.

McCoy said that there he had no time to worry about next year yet the current season is still ongoing.

He added that the current moment is his focus and he is looking forward to enjoying his camp while trying to make guys around him improve their game.

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