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It only took one game, but one thing was quite certain on the social network airwaves on Sunday, Redskins fans were downtrodden. While 1/16th of a season does not a season make, it was apparent that the fan base saw next-to-nothing that would inspire even a glimmer of hope in Washington’s 30-17 loss to the Eagles.

It started bad. It finished bad. What happened in between was mediocre at best. The defense played better than the offense, but the Vienna Boys Choir might have put in a better offensive showing, so that isn’t saying much. And when the dust settled after the game, it was clear that this fan base is beat up. Tired of losing. Tired of fielding an embarrassing product. Tired of turning their head when they answer, “I’m a Redskins fan.” Tired of spending money on a product that doesn’t ever seem to do anything but go in big, bad circles. And it didn’t take sixteen games, it took one.

Here’s a collection of reactions to yesterday’s game from THN’s Twitter account. I actually thought that the mood was so somber that I would try and lighten the mood a bit. I tweeted:

Here are the sobering results – caution, some tweets are NSFW language – they weren’t removed because this is about the raw emotions of Redskins Nation:

I may have missed a few. My apologies to those who I may have forgotten, and my thanks to all who took the time to chip in.

When I was crowdsourcing these tweets, I thought about eliminating duplicates, and eliminating any swearing; but in the end, they ARE what the people in Redskins Nation are feeling about their team.

How did Sunday’s performance make YOU feel? Hit me up on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet and let me know.

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