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The Mystery Behind Su’a Cravens’ Early End to the Season

By Mark Solway | September 22nd, 2017


Source: Su’a Cravens via Facebook.

The rumours and innuendo surrounding wether or not Su’a Craven would be re-joining the Washington Redskins for this season, were obviously answered last week. The young strong safety had been struggling with some personal and family issues, and that subsequently affected his desire to play football.

After joining the team in 2016, Cravens started off playing line-backer before moving into the role of safety. Everything seemed to be on track for Su’a to be a regular starter in 2017, but then a week before the season opener, he shockingly announced his retirement from football. At only twenty-two years of age and just one year after Washington selected him in the second round of the National Football League draft, it was definitely a decision that had fans baffled.

Team president Bruce Allen persuaded him to delay the decision and gave the youngster some time to think it over, as well as the opportunity to right some of the wrongs in his life. Unfortunately, after that period of time had elapsed, no agreement was finalized and the Redskins decided to place the talented player in the reserve/left squad. This means that he will be unable to compete in the 2017 NFL season; with the club stating that they felt he still had health-related and personal matters to attend to.

Source: Su’a Cravens via Facebook.

Obviously this was a major hiccup for Coach Jay Gruden, as it’s near impossible to find a viable starter so late in the preseason proceedings. Losing a starting player at such a critical time, is obviously going to be a difficult adjustment on the field; especially given that Cravens was expected to fill a void that has been dogging Washington for the past few seasons.  The Redskins already have a daunting task in front of them with one of the most difficult divisions in the league, and the NFL odds on bet365 suggest that bookmakers still think it will be a tough season for the nation’s capital. They currently sit at +500 to finish on top of the group with the Dallas Cowboys the favorites on +150. And any Redskins fan knows that the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants are always going to be tough contests and competition, regardless of the year and situation.

It has been reported that Craven’s agent, Fadde Mikhail, has held talks with the organization about a possible return to the league next year. However as it stands right now, no agreement or plan has been made and it looks as though the saga will continue on into next season.

While speaking to reporters after the shock decision to leave the club, Cravens said that he feels he needs to follow what makes him happy.

The Redskins responded by saying that they sincerely hope the USC prodigy takes the time to reflect on his future and the potential of resuming his career in the NFL for 2018.

So the reality is that the mystery surrounding Cravens surprise decision, is apparently going to remain a mystery.

As it stands now there are still many questions that are left unanswered, regarding what the future holds. With Su’a being such a bright young prospect for the Skins, it would obviously be great if a healthy return to the league came about.

But for now, the Redskins have to move on without him.

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