Redskins Nation Choose Their Players of the Game Versus The Raiders

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There were a lot of great individual performances to choose from in the Redskins dominant 27-10 win over the Oakland Raiders. It would be easier to list the players that didn’t play well, than the players who did. Why not just ask Redskins Nation, and see what they had to say?

Just click on the tweet to view all of the replies, or respond yourself; but here are a selection of some of the choices of Redskins fans:

So safe to say that Chris Thompson garnered the bulk of the offensive votes, with Kirk Cousins and various others picking up a few here and there.

On defense, Preston Smith, Zach Brown and Montae Nicholson seem to have divied up the votes.

Easy to see merit in all of those selections on both sides of the ball.

This is, so I’m going to go with Spencer Long on offense. I haven’t seen a lineman pull out of the center position with that kind of tenacity, effectiveness and regularity since the golden days of Jeff Bostic. Sure Thompson put up big stats, but how many times was he running right behind Long?

On defense, I’ll go with Nicholson. I think everybody on the defense played a great game, but Nicholson has really been thrown into the fire, and could he have responded any better? His first NFL interception was great, but he smacked the taste right out of Michael Crabtree’s mouth on a stone cold killer clean hit, and dislodged the ball on a big play. To me, he played beyond his experience, and left me wondering aloud… Su’a who?

My thanks to all that took the time to respond, and hit me up on Twitter @TheHogsdotNet about this or anything Redskins.

Hail!!! On to the Chiefs!

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