Wallpaper Wednesday: DJ Swearinger IS the Grim Reaper

Wallpapers Washington Commanders

Given his performance on Sunday, and his ever increasing love affair with Redskins Nation, it seemed only appropriate to make DJ Swearinger the subject this week’s Wallpaper.

The young safety is the talk of the town. For his play, for his colorful off field antics, and for his constantly referencing Redskins great Sean Taylor.

Back in the day, THN did a Sean Taylor Reaper wallpaper. We took it down out of respect when he passed, as it somehow just seemed too macabre. So in the spirit of that, I offer you DJ Swearinger as The Grim Reaper.

Click on the image for full 1280×800 wallpaper

Given the “square” nature of the internet… Facebook timelines… Instagram posts… twitcons etc., I also did up a square version of the graphic:

DJ Swearinger as the Grim Reaper
Click on the image for full resolution

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