What Are Your Favourite Facts About the Mighty Redskins?

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As huge fans of the mighty Redskins, we are always interested in learning more about our favourite team and its players. For example, did you know that the Washington Redskins were not always known as the mighty Washington Redskins? In fact, they were originally known as the Boston Braves, but changed their name after just one year!

Only 5 years after the name change in 1938, halfback Andy Farkas ran the wrong way and was tackled for a safety. Farkas, however, went from goat to hero when he led the Redskins to a 7-5 comeback win over the Detroit Lions.

Did you know that legendary defensive back Darrell Green won the title of ‘fastest man in the NFL’ four times in a row?

Can you name the Washington Redskins quarterback who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1983?

It was the ever-fantastic Sonny Jurgensen who received this very well-deserved honour!

One of the most renowned and memorable moments of the 1980s was when Anthony Allen set a single game team record way back in 1987 with 255 receiving yards. In his first game!

All Redskins fans know that in their first five Super Bowl appearances, Washington won three out of the five. These included Super Bowls in 1991, 1987 and all the way back in 1982!

The Redskin’s running back John Riggins was the second player in history to score more than 100 (count ‘em!) touchdowns.

Everybody knows that current front office man Doug Williams led the Redskins to victory in Super Bowl XXII, but did you know that he had emergency wisdom teeth removal the night before the big game?!?

Think you can guess when the Redskins won their first NFL championship?

If you said 1937, then you would be right!

We’re sure that people must have been lining up for miles to receive relaxing sports massages from former Redskins stud punter Sav Rocca, who has been a certified masseuse for several years.

Redskins current running back sensation Chris Thompson has a quirky habit of putting a fruity-based sweet in his sock so that he can enjoy a quick snack at halftime!

This is definitely one for history buffs: Did you know that former Redskins defensive lineman Dave Butz’s Uncle Earl was the United States Secretary of Agriculture under Ford and Nixon?

One of the best-ever seasons for the Washington Redskins was in 1983, with a record of 14 wins and two losses! But did you know that their only two losses both occurred in prime time, on Monday Night Football?!

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The Washington Redskins are a team that is rich with history, but also in talent! We are proud to support the mighty Redskins and love learning and sharing interesting facts about our beloved team.

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