Wallpaper Wednesday – Mason Foster – Alpha Wolf Pack

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It’s Wallpaper Wednesday again, and this week’s subject is the guy who landed on the injured reserve list this week – Mason Foster.

Why make a player sitting out the rest of the season the subject for Wallpaper Wednesday?

Well if you missed it, or have been living under a rock, Foster had a few things to say on Twitter late Friday night. The crux of which was that he was basically unhappy with how the Redskins front office had dealt with the injury that Foster was suffering from (torn labrum) since week two of the season.

They settled it all nice and cleanly…

“I’m a Redskin until they tell me I’m not a Redskin. That’s how I feel about it. I love this team. This is where I wanna be. We handled it internally, and I appreciate Bruce sitting down with me and Eric Schaffer so that we could get it squashed and go about business. That’s how you should do it.”

But if you were reading between the lines – and the tweets – it seems apparent that Foster was not happy with certain elements of the culture around the team. Well, the front office… Foster was careful to defend both his teammates and the coaching staff. And the medical staff for that matter.

Wether they wrapped it up nicely or not, it took a lot of courage for Foster to speak up. Anybody feeling that they’re being exploited in a workplace, knows what it feels like to be asked or expected to do something you’re not comfortable with. Sure it might ruffle a few feathers and rush others to judgment, but Foster showed a lot of testicular fortitude in defending himself.

And he publicized something that was unknown before he did so.

That put his head on a block while simultaneously protecting his teammates. It’s probably not a coincidence that offensive linemen that seemed likely to play against Dallas suddenly were inactivated Sunday. Perhaps the team had no choice following the incident, but to respond in such a manner for fear that somebody else might speak “out of turn”.

Foster showed himself to be a true Alpha.

And a leader of the defense that he dubbed the Wolf Pack.

Hence the wallpaper…

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Hopefully mending fences with the front office like Foster did paves the way for the linebacker to return in 2018. He’s been a solid player since arriving in 2016.


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