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Wallpaper Wednesday: Joe Jacoby Vintage Edition

By Mark Solway | November 15th, 2017

As I sat around trying to decide who I was going to make the subject of this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday, I found myself slightly uninspired. The only player that I thought earned the stripe on Sunday was DJ Swearinger, and he’s already been the subject of a Wallpaper Wednesday AND included in the Flight Marshalls wallpaper just last week.

So I dipped into the well and pulled out my favorite all-time Redskin – Mr. Joe Jacoby. Not only the greatest lineman to ever don the burgundy and gold – not only one of the greatest undrafted lineman to ever play – but the greatest offensive lineman not in the Hall of Fame. Disgraceful. And grounds for any Redskins fan to boycott Canton if they believe in the sanctity of the process.

He was on all three Redskins Super Bowl teams. He made four Pro Bowls. He was first team All Pro twice. The Pro Football Hall of Fame itself, even named him to the 2nd team all 1980s team. But still not in the Hall.

Click on the image for a full 1650×1080 version.

Below is also a scaled down square version for all your social network needs.

I could wax poetic about his prowess all day long. And about the injustice of him not being in the Hall. I’ll save that for another day. For now…

Hail Original Hog Joe Jacoby. He was simply one of the greatest.

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